Emma Nilsson is an artist that was born and raised in Southern California. Growing up surrounded by nature sparked a fire within her to explore and care for the world that we all inhabit. When she was just 13 years old, she began working as a lighting assistant for a fashion photographer from Malibu. Experiencing this at such a formative stage in her life, her love for photography began to flourish beyond just photographing nature. She began to realize that these mediums of photography and video could be utilized as tools. She graduated from USC's Roski School of Art in 2018. This phase became instrumental in learning how to express her view of the world through such literal mediums.

Growing up in the most envied environments in the world, she couldn't help but feel a disjuncture between how people viewed women in the media, and the surrounding world. We live in a society that desires to consume as much as possible in order to achieve perfection. This has been conditioned into us since we were children. "Especially us millennials." When in reality perfection does not exist in life, in humans or in nature. Humans are flawed creatures, wreaking havoc on the world and Emma's work attempts to show how society needs to come to the realization that this vicious cycle of self- deprecation, and overconsumption cannot continue. Through her photography, Emma hopes to shed light on both of these macro and micro world issues and ultimately encourage women to be a little less harsh on themselves and encourage everyone to take a little more care. If we all took a little more care in how we treat each other and our world, it will have a ripple effect upon the everything around us.